what if you had 

—  Your Decorating Style  —

... completely figured out?

The quiz may have given you some guidance as to which styles make up yours. However, you may also feel like you need a bit more help. That’s completely understandable! The quiz is meant to be a fun introduction. However, there’s no way that a simple quiz can do a deep dive into your style!


Get the How to Find Your Decorating Style Guide for Only $19

I created the guide How to Find Your Decorating Style Guide as a companion to the quiz. This 22-page guide looks more closely at the process of finding your decorating style as well as going more in-depth with each individual style archetype.

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What's Included?

  • A 22-page PDF guide that you can either explore virtually on your iPad or print.
  • Three worksheets to help you excavate your decorating style, step-by-step.
  • A breakdown of the six Style Archetypes.
  • Coordinating shoppable moodboards for each of the six Style Archetypes including color palette ideas. 

Everything you need to get started on your Decorating Style journey!


These strategies have helped me create my own signature style...

These are the exact methods that helped me make the choices you see in my home featured on my blog, Nina Hendrick Home. I'm excited to share my strategies with you!

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