Stop the Endless Inspiration-Scrolling and Finally Bring Your Dream Home to Life


Home Goals is the comprehensive guide designed to take you from overwhelm and procrastination to a crystal clear plan of action. Join the community and create your dream home with confidence, one project at a time.



Question for all the Instagram scrollers, the Pinterest board pinners, the home improvement dreamers out there:

As you scroll through your favorite DIY blogs and Dream Home boards, do you feel confident and empowered to turn that inspiration into action?




Do those perfectly-styled little squares give you some less-than-fuzzy feels?

For most of us, the dream home inspiration searching is fun...until it’s not.


  • find images that spark excitement.
  • build custom boards, even start hunting for the perfect 36” gas range. 
  • start imagining yourself in that open, airy kitchen. Sipping your morning coffee at the Carrera marble island, looking out over your expertly-styled living room, poised to calmly tackle the day ahead. 

But as you look around your own real-life home, it hits you.


You have no idea where to begin.


The HGTV shows make it look easy. “Just knock down a wall or two,” they say.

But you know deep down that one project always, somehow, leads to another. And you don’t know how to find a good contractor (or if you should tackle it yourself). You’d hire a designer, but it’s not in the budget. And the thought of finding, sourcing, installing, and styling every last fixture and finish on your own is just so overwhelming, you slowly close your laptop and back away. 

But later feels far away. 

You deserve to live in a place you love today, my friend.

I’m Nina, a veteran DIYer and design pro who transformed 1980s New England colonial — from a sad, builder-grade fixer-upper that no one wanted to buy — to a beautiful, character-filled home that we absolutely love. 

(And we’re not the only ones! Over the years, our home has enjoyed features in top industry publications, including Better Homes & Gardens, Huffington Post, and House Beautiful.)

It wasn’t always easy, but it was SO worth it

Our home is where we make memories together — playing Monopoly in the breakfast nook, curling up on the family room sofa to watch Back to the Future for the hundredth time, or laughing with friends over dinner and margaritas in our dining room.

And I want the same for you: 

  • A home with a floor plan that works for the way your family lives, works, and plays together.
  • A home with spaces where you enjoy spending time. And proud to invite friends and family to.
  • A home that’s cohesive and thoughtfully designed with items you truly love. 
  • A home that tells your story.

You’re not alone.

It’s hard to begin. Especially when the budget is tight or your garage isn’t filled with tools and supplies.

And sure, the internet is an amazing resource for DIYers and home remodelers. Between blog posts, YouTube, and Instagram, there’s an abundance of information out there to help.

But the sheer volume of information can be completely overwhelming.

Sometimes you don’t even know where to start searching (or what words to type in the search bar!). And when you do, sources contradict each other, leaving you even more confused than when you started.

What if there was a single source you could turn to time and time again for trusted guidance on your home upgrades and renovations? 


→ A comprehensive guidebook, jam-packed with visuals, checklists, and worksheets, that walked you through my tried-and-true formulas for tackling home projects, start to finish.

→ A series of modules you could watch — and rewatch — on your own schedule, to demystify home renovations, design, and decor.

→ A platform to ask questions — and get them answered in real time — by a home renovation and design expert.

→ A course that gave you all the tools to lay out each phase of your home project with absolute clarity. So that in as little as 4 weeks, you walked away with a comprehensive, actionable plan — and the confidence to get started.

How would it feel to assemble those dream boards, knowing you have the resources and ability to actually bring them to life in your own home?


Not someday. But today.

I’ve taken over a decade’s worth of home design and renovation research, knowledge, and experience and compiled it into a jam-packed, resource-filled, actionable course to give you all the information you need (without the stuff you don’t). 

So you can tackle your home projects with clarity, purpose, and confidence.

For years, my husband and I have tag-teamed renovations, DIYs, and thoughtful upgrades to transform our orange oak-filled builder-grade fixer upper into a masterpiece — one room at a time. 

There’ve been disagreements along the way. And we’ve put literal blood, sweat, and tears into this house. But through careful planning, extensive research — and a few mistakes we’ll never make again — we’ve created a dream home our family loves living in each and every day.

And now? I’m passing all that hard-earned knowledge on to you.


Individual guidance with community support.


I designed Home Goals to be the go-to support for homeowners, no matter your learning style, budget, or project timeline.


When you join Home Goals, you get lifetime access to: 


More than 20 recorded lessons that cover everything — from how to find a contractor that won’t rip you off to where to start when you just feel overwhelmed. And each lesson is bite-sized and crystal clear, so you can pop back in to find exactly the one you’re looking for when you need an answer ASAP.


→ A 65-page printable guidebook with checklists, visuals, and templates to walk you through each step of your project. Have no idea what size area rug your room actually needs? Still waiting to hang that gallery wall (but too afraid to put tons of holes in the wall)? I’ve got you. Home Goals guidebook gives you the no-fail formulas to get it right the first time.

→ The go-to free software programs and websites I use to plan my own home projects — and a curated list of my favorite stores to shop for home decor and furniture.

You also get exclusive access to our online community, filled with homeowners just like you.

  • Having trouble finding the right pet-friendly sectional for your family room?
  • Curious to know if anyone has tried a limewash finish on their fireplace?
  • Want help deciding between two tile options for your kitchen backsplash (we’ve all needed a tie-breaker when opinions differ)

Our community of fellow design lovers is here to help. And we’ve been where you are, so ask away!

Plus, the Home Goals course includes four, 45-minute small group Zoom calls with me and your fellow students. I’ll provide additional guidance, giving you the chance to ask questions and get answers in real time.


With Home Goals, you get all the tools and support you need to ditch the overwhelm of home upgrades.

Instead of aimlessly wandering the aisles of your local home improvement store waiting for inspiration to hit, you’ll have a clear blueprint of next steps for your entire project. 

And, you’ll have a community of like-minded interior design enthusiasts ready to support you at every turn.


What’s included in Home Goals? Let’s take a peek inside...



Finally overcome that procrastination, my friend.

In Part 1 of Home Goals, I show you the exact method I use to get clear on my priorities for each space. In these lessons, you’ll:

  • Get crystal clear on your project goals and map them out so you achieve them
  • Learn the simple 10-step process to audit any room in the house — so you can quickly create a to-do list and project plan
  • Establish a realistic project budget (with a little wiggle room for those unexpected expenses)
  • Create a reasonable project timeline to track your project from start to finish

With the basics in place, you’re ready to focus on the design elements.


Part 2: LEARN

Ever wished you had that “design eye”? That you just knew exactly how to lay out a room, hang art, and get the lighting just right?

Well, you’re about to.

In Part 2, we’ll dig into design basics, like:

  • How to create a professional-quality mood board, with free drag-and-drop software that’s easy enough for anyone to use
  • How to select and arrange furniture to optimize your room’s function and flow
  • How to hang wall art the right way (with no extra holes in your drywall, thankyouverymuch)
  • How to find the right size rug and lighting that fits the scale of your space

With this Design 101 crash course under your belt, you’re completely ready to take action on your project.


Part 3: ACTION

Now the real fun begins!

Next stop: Implementation Station, because it’s time to bring those design plans to life.

In Part 3, we’ll:

  • Find the best contractor for the job (and decide what — if anything —  you’d rather DIY)
  • Learn how to communicate effectively with contractors to build a good relationship for future projects
  • Track project phases and all the little details so nothing gets lost in the shuffle
  • Troubleshoot potential roadblocks, so *when* things don’t go according to plan, you’ll feel empowered to get everything back on track
  • Plus, get my tips to plan and DIY home projects with your partner (after more than a decade, we’ve learned how to keep the peace!)

And, as the last bit of sheetrock dust settles, it’s time for the finale...



Time to make your home yours.

A home is more than a house. It’s where real life is lived, where memories are made, and where you get to tell your story.

In Part 4, we’ll explore:

  • The importance of focusing on meaning over perfection (because no home is ever truly perfect)
  • How to break the design rules to maximize personality and make your home your own
  • The joy of creating spaces that nurture family and friends for years to come

You’ll wrap up the course empowered to create a home that’s not only functional and beautiful, but deeply personal. A home that welcomes loved ones, builds relationships, and makes meaningful memories.

Because at the end of the day, that’s what home’s all about.

Ready to create your dream home?


I was getting overwhelmed with all the updates we wanted to do with our house. And I wanted a more organized and meaningful way to approach them. Merging my style with my spouse’s was a concern, too. I love the tools I learned to help create a vision for my spouse to understand.

The lesson on the mood board was so much fun and I didn’t realize how easy it was to use. I also love the lesson on drafting a floor plan. I can’t wait to play around with that for our master bath.

This is worth every penny! Nina is so great to bounce ideas off and address issues that you may run across. She is also so resourceful!

Cat T. | MA

Join Home Goals today...

...because the doors are open for one week only.

Yep, you read that right.

Why such a short time? 

A main part of my vision for Home Goals was community. Tightly-knit and collaborative, to offer support and solidarity as you tackle your home projects and bring your dream home to life.

I also want to be a hands-on resource, offering feedback as you need it.

To achieve this, it’s important that we all begin at the same time.

Once you’re in Home Goals, you’ll have access to the modules, guidebook, and private group for life. You can revisit modules and connect with other members anytime you like. Even multiple times as you start new projects throughout your home.

But the first 4 weeks also include live Zoom calls where we connect face to face. You’ll have a chance to ask questions as you initially work through the modules. 

For this reason, we begin as a team. All starting in the same spot to harness the power of group learning and maximize collaboration.

I’ll open the doors again sometime down the road, but the doors are open this time for one week only.

Join Us Today! 

When you join Home Goals, you get lifetime access to: 
 → More than 20 recorded lessons that cover everything — from how to find a contractor that won’t rip you off to where to start when you just feel overwhelmed. And each lesson is bite-sized and crystal clear, so you can pop back in to find exactly the one you’re looking for when you need an answer ASAP.
 → A 65-page printable guidebook with checklists, visuals, and templates to walk you through each step of your project. Have no idea what size area rug your room actually needs? Still waiting to hang that gallery wall (but too afraid to put tons of holes in the wall)? I’ve got you. Home Goals guidebook gives you the no-fail formulas to get it right the first time.
→ The go-to free software programs and websites I use to plan my own home projects — and a curated list of my favorite stores to shop for home decor and furniture.
→ Exclusive online community filled with homeowners just like you! 
→ Four, 45-minute small group Zoom calls with me and your fellow students.
With Home Goals, you get all the tools and support you need to ditch the overwhelm of home upgrades.

Enrollment is Closed until Spring 2022

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    It was so nice to connect on our weekly Zoom calls, to hear other people are having the same home issues as you, renovation questions — just going through the same things. It’s such a relief to know you’re not alone, and it’s great to feel so connected, especially now.


    The content was 100% spot on what I was looking for. And I LOVE the little tips and tricks Nina shares throughout, like how to make these beautiful mood boards. And how to find your exact colors online and integrate them into your designs. The hex color trick she showed us was a game-changer — not just for my home, but even for some of the things I do in my business!

    Kate | Maine

    You like extras? Me too.


    In honor of the first official Home Goals launch, I’m throwing in a few bonuses.

    In addition to all of the resources, worksheets, planners, and modules, you’ll also get:

    • An updated guide to renovating in 2021. The home industry is booming, but it hasn’t escaped the pandemic unscathed. Avoid surprises and anticipate industry changes with this bonus module designed to keep your project on track — even in these crazy times.
    • My secret to scoring the best decor deals. Love that designer mirror but can’t swing the designer price tag? I got you. In this bonus module, I’m giving away my secret search engine hack to find affordable home decor. So you can get the style you want at a price you want.
    • My go-to source list for furniture and decor. Wish you could pick my brain on design and decor? Now you can! I’m giving you a shoppable list of all of my favorite stores, for everything from art and bedding to furniture and decor. Happy shopping!


    So what do you say? You ready to join us inside Home Goals at the lowest price ever?


    YEP, I'M IN...


    Hi, I’m Nina! 

    I’m the proud owner of a cozy, character-filled New England home — one that’s been featured on top design blogs and publications.

    But friend, it wasn’t always like this.


    When my husband and I bought our house nearly a decade ago, there was no way we could afford our dream home.

    I’d compiled dozens of Pinterest boards that looked *nothing* like the home I was actually living in. And while I knew it had good bones in there...somewhere, those first few years were overwhelming and discouraging.

    We spent all our savings buying the house. So if we wanted to transform into the home we envisioned, it was on us to roll up our sleeves and get creative.

    And for the past 8 years, that’s exactly what we’ve done.

    AND NOW? 

    Images from OUR home are tucked away in other people’s Pinterest boards.


    I still pinch myself.

    But our home renovation success isn’t because I have some magical ‘design eye’ that allows me to effortlessly create beautiful spaces out of thin air.

    I vividly remember the early days, hunched over a laptop with a toddler or two climbing all over me, desperately scrolling through search results trying to find answers to my home and design questions.

    It was frustrating and exhausting.

    And I wished there was a resource out there that had all the answers to my questions in one spot. A trusted design expert I could reach out to...who would actually respond. Or a community of other DIYers and homeowners I could turn to for advice. (Or solidarity.)

    And that’s how Home Goals was born.

    Over the years, I’ve realized there are tried and true formulas I rely on each time I start a new home project.

    Formulas anyone can use to simplify the home renovation process and tackle each step in an organized, methodical way.

    If only they knew where to start.


    Wondering if a digital course is right for you?

    I get it.

    The voice in the back of your head is saying, “Yeah, but...can’t I just research this online? Aren’t there YouTube tutorials?”

    And the answer is — probably!

    But — and this is a judgement-free zone, friend — you could have done that already.

    There’s a reason we don’t get the results we want with cobbled together internet research: 

    The internet is HUGE. 

    There are SO MANY answers out there, it’s hard to find the right ones. So now you’re left trying to decide who’s the real expert... And then you get distracted, buy some new shoes, hop on over to Instagram, and you’re right back where you started.

    I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

    You get to grab your laptop and a pen and dig right in. Planning, learning, and achieving your home goals. 

    No internet deep dive required. 

    YES, I'M IN!

    So if you’re ready to kick back and relax in your dream home, like, yesterday, join Home Goals now and get:

    • Instant access to hours of clear, concise audio and video modules
    • An easy-to-digest guidebook that demystifies renovation planning, timelines, and budgets
    • Visual resources to help you map out your space like an expert would, from furniture and rugs to artwork and decor
    • An exclusive community of fellow design lovers, ready to offer support, weigh in on design dilemmas, and encourage you along the way
    • Four, 1-hour Zoom training sessions with me, with the chance to get your design and renovation questions answered in real time so much more.

    Join Us Today

    This was my first online program, and I was really eager to learn some tools and tricks to help me with my upcoming renovation. Nina does a great job of presenting a lot of information in a clear, direct way — it feels like getting advice from a friend.

    I feel like I have the tools now. Home Goals is the perfect course to get a solid start in the world of design and decoration.

    Fer de B | Argentina

    Got questions? I’ve got answers.

    So? The choice is yours, my friend.


    Ready to finally bring those design dreams to life?


    Ditch the home improvement overwhelm for good and start making meaningful memories in a place you’re proud to call home.